Brandon                                  simonds

My Biography

Mt. Theilsen

designer. mountaineer. explorer.

I am passionate about exploration, innovation, and design in heterogeneous mediums. I enjoy crafting memorable experiences that challenge me as a designer.

Observing, interacting, and studying are important aspects of my craft. My playlist contains more than 200 titles in this generation alone (not including mobile or casual). History, achivements, and trophy tracking below:


"Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement." -- C.S. Lewis

My Inspiration

My Clients

Sony Nintendo Idol Minds Foundation 9 Entertainment Microsoft Capcom Ritual Entertainment NECA Pipeworks

What People Say About Me


Mark Lyons, President of Idol Minds

"I worked with Brandon on several projects in various stages of development (from working on initial design pitches to fleshing out gameplay in additional content for a mature product) and found him to be an excellent designer to work with during all of the product stages."