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Game Development


Social Media


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Skillset & Experience

Game & App Design

Any platform, any genre, any time. I believe fun games and quality apps come in all shapes and sizes. I am platform, vendor, and genre agnostic. The freedom of creative expression motivates me.

User Experience

User experience is at the core of me. I love clean and intuitive interfaces. Advocating for the end user is my role. I detest information overload, poor checkpoint placements, and unskippable cinematics. It starts with user engagement and ends with user retention.

Social Media

I know how to leverage social media for businesses and inviduals. I understand the importance of reaching new audiences while retaining core users. I am in tune with industry trends as well as continually evaluating emerging technologies.

Information Technology

With an IT degree and many years of applied experience, I embrace technology at every level. My diverse background has had me doing everything from virtualizing systems to scripting complex AI behaviors.


From pre-production research to QA sign-off, I enjoy creating fresh content. Depending on a client's needs, this can be anything from story and dialogue, to levels and cinematics. I am a veritable jack-of-all trades who enjoys the journey as much as the destination.

Mobile / Casual

This market is growing at an incredible pace. I am an expert at gamification and I know what motivates players. I monetized online games beginning in 2008. I've worked with free-to-play models and understand economics, metrics, and analytics.

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